ibVPN Coupon Code

Latest ibVPN coupon code

latest ibvpn coupon code

How to use an ibVPN coupon code

There a plenty of discounts waiting to be taken for granted by anyone willing to get the best of a VPN service. As with the simplest forms of checkout, the ibVPN coupon and promotional codes can be inserted along the way to reduce the overall cost for the service.

Once you initiate the purchasing process on any of the service levels provided, the next stage you are taken to is the details entering phase. There is only the space to enter your email address and the promotional code should you have it. once you pick your payment method and make the payment, the coupon will take effect and save you as much as 60% at times.

You can try ibVPN service for free

The ibVPN comes with just 6 hours of free trial period, followed by 30 days of guaranteed money back usage period. There has never been a case of failed return of investments (regardless how small) to customers, so you can safely give the service a try without any risks.

ibVPN features

43 countries and over 60 locations pick from – when you need to access a resource that is limited only to specific locations, like certain sections of popular social media networks and media streaming services; using ibVPN is the best option. You can appear to be connected to the internet from as many as 63 locations and access which ever service you need.

ibvpn supporting countries

Enhanced speed connections – when your ISP has throttled your internet connection in order to allow other users some bandwidth, you can simply bypass the limitation using ibVPN. Users have testified to realizing the unlimited and maximum download speeds of their networks when using ibVPN.

Browser extensions – when you purchase the ibVPN service, they provide you with browser extensions to boost the features for which you will have bought it for. Security, high speed browsing and shifting the location from which you access the internet resources.

Apps for all platforms – with users requiring the protection and high speed services that come with ibVPN regularly, it is not surprising that the VPN is found across all mobile device operating systems. Android and Apple apps are among the lot used by users who want security on the run.

Top priority level support – starting even before you purchase a level of their service, you can chat with any of the always online attendants and get your requests heard and resolved. Opening a ticket with them is a good way to get your issue resolved with permanent solutions all the time and in time.

Up to 3 connections active at the same time – unlike other VPNs, the ibVPN can be accessed simultaneously by up to 3 devices on the same account. There are ways to spread the services and features over entire networks, and routers can be the way to achieve this.

Military grade security – with encryption strong enough to keep hackers out of your network and miles from your files, a lot of businesses have resolved to ibVPN to avoid being the next dot on the statistics chart of hacked organizations.

ibVPN reviews from real customers

Andrew John – I have always been a loyal ibVPN user, there is nothing I would take away from the way they provide their service; from the green theme which is my favourite, to having a small and easy to use interface. I always make sure to login before sharing files with my peers, and the security that comes with that cannot be replaced with anything in the world.

Mark Lewis – I had only heard about the benefits of a good VPN when using the internet, but I only got the chance to experience it for myself when at work a new firewall was installed. The limitations that came with it forced me to give ibVPN a try – the best 6 hours of my life online ever! I quickly grabbed a coupon and saved 35% on what I’m sure is a lifetime subscription.

Lisa Daniels – I was scared to open some websites while on public networks, such as my emails and even doing online buying transactions. But ever since I discovered ibVPN, I know that when I switch the VPN on, I essentially vanish from the potential threats that roam in public networks.

FAQs for ibVPN services

Can you use ibVPN in Linux operation system?

Apart from being compatible with Linux OS, there are plenty other environments for which their applications have been ported;

  • Windows
  • Apple OS
  • Mobile (Android and iOS)
  • Roku
  • DD-WRT and Sabai Routers, among the lot.

If your company has a Linux server, you can also configure the entire connection around your network to be protected and enhanced in terms of speed.

Is ibVPN working with Netflix?

ibVPN has a lot of benefits for which media streaming services lovers have signed up for; accessing Netflix with no limitations when outside of the US. If you are like the many users of ibVPN who love watching movies when they come out and shows too, then the ibVPN option is the best to go.

Is ibVPN working with BBC iPlayer?

Accessing the highly informative BBC service through the ibVPN service has been a key reason for signing up, especially for UK residents living outside their home countries. The clarity and always available radio streaming and sport services commonly accessible when in the UK.

Is ibVPN working with Hulu?

Hulu also gets unlocked when you try to access it from a suitable IP location with ibVPN. All the streaming gets possible and with the speed boosted, you never have to worry about buffering and other delays that plague slow internet connections.

Is ibVPN working in China?

A lot of China-based users have had the unlimited internet access that is fair to everyone thanks to ibVPN. Through their services, one takes away the walls that may be built around their computer and ISP, and instead has all the websites available to them. You should consider ibVPN if you are looking to visit China or are already residing there.